Life’s a journey… it’s time to take
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The Donor Group understands how special and important families are, and that each of us, no matter our nationality, ethnicity, education, or yearly income longs to make a family of our very own. From this understanding comes a passion to help intended parents find the absolute perfect egg donors that can help them build a family.

The Most Incredible Gift in the World…


In this sense egg donors aren’t just giving their eggs, their giving babies’ first steps, that Halloween she wanted to dress up as a cucumber, the day she discovered how incredibly awesome Legos are, the first day of high school, her first date with that kid with the nose ring, and the day you walked her down the aisle (to nose-ring boy who lost the ring and eventually grew on you).

Not only do we understand the emotional drive of every intended parent, we also understand the industry and use our knowledge and experience and take you by the hand and walk you through this journey to make it as stress-free as possible.

We think our egg donors are incredibly special and strive to make sure they feel valued, knowledgeable about the process and respected.

It Doesn’t Get Much More Personal…


Yes, we’re running a business, but we get that for you, the egg donor or intending parent, this experience is about as personal as it gets. Being able to strike the very delicate balance of offering a flawless business transaction while being human with each other is what sets us apart.

If you are unable to conceive, whether you’ve undergone premature menopause, have significant decreased ovarian reserve, are older than 43, have had a number of unsuccessful attempts at IVF, are single, orare gay male prospective parents, we’d love to help be a part of making your dream a reality. Our egg donors are carefully screened and we maintain strict adherence to privacy and anonymity agreements. Both the donor and the recipient or gestational carrier are closely monitored throughout the egg donor program, from start to finish.

Prospective Parents

The Donor Group is excited to assist you in your journey to building a family. Using donor eggs for IVF provides at least a 60-70% chance of a positive pregnancy. Our goal is to make the process of choosing an egg donor as easy and enjoyable as possible. We offer the ...

Egg Donors

Becoming an Egg Donor Thank you for your interest in making dreams come true! We are thrilled that you are considering being an egg donor. The donor group’s thorough egg donor process ensures that you are matched with the intended parents (IPs) with whom you are comfortable working. We are here to ...

Why Choose Us

Supportive Service

The path to being a parent isn’t always smooth. There may be times when you need a little extra support. We’ll help you handle the bumps and obstacles along the way, and achieve your dream of having a baby.

Global Services

We don’t just serve our local area – our services are available across the world. Wherever you’re based, we’ll find the right donor egg for you, and we always remain sensitive to your individual needs.

Keeping it Simple

We won’t bamboozle you with medical jargon or charge you a fortune for our services. Our team of qualified egg donor experts are focused on the simpler things in life – helping you to get results.

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