Egg Donor Risks and Complications

The Donor Egg Group, LLC, is not a fertility clinic. Before beginning your donor cycle, you will have a chance to discuss all potential risks with your fertility doctor. Although egg donation is considered safe with no long term repercussions, with any medical procedure comes certain risks. Some of the most common risks are listed below.

  • Pregnancy – You will be producing multiple eggs because of the medication. Therefore, if you have unprotected intercourse during your cycle, you can become pregnant.
  • Fertility medication – Some might experience headaches, bloating, or cramping.
  • Hyperstimulation – Condition when the ovaries are stimulated too much. This can lead to fluid buildup, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, and possible more severe issues.
  • Egg retrieval – during your retrieval, eggs are retrieved via an ultrasound guided needle. There might be bleeding. Although, it is extremely rare, it is possible to damage your bladder, bowl, or blood vessels.
  • Psychological Impact – sometimes associated with assisted reproductive technology procedures.