Egg Donation

Most people aren’t sure how the egg donation process works. It’s not complicated. Here’s what you can expect as a prospective parent looking for an egg donor.

  • Get to Know The Donor Group It is important to be informed about the donor process. We want you to feel confident about your journey. Please take some time to review our website, our services, the fees and expenses associated with the process, and browse the donor database.
  • Schedule Your Consultation During your consultation we will discuss the process in detailand provide personal matching recommendations.
  • Select a Donor Go ahead and browse through the database. Select the donor that is the right match for you. The agency fee is paid at this time.
  • Select a Fertility Center Don’t worry if you aren’t currently working with a fertility center or clinic. We will help you select a reputable center based on your needs and location. Now is the time to finish your medical screening if it is not yet completed.
  • Legal Arrangements The Donor Group, LLC can assist you with the associated legal process. We will provide you with a template of a standard donor agreement. If you don’t have an attorney and want one, we can refer you to an attorney familiar with the donation process. You will review the agreement with your attorney, make any changes, or even have a completely new agreement drafted. Your donor will review the contract with her own attorney.
  • Deposit of Donor Fee A trust account will be established to hold the donor fee. You will deposit the fee into this account where it will be will be held in trust for her.
  • Establish Synchronized Cycling An important part of the donation process is synchronizing your fertility cycle with that of your donor. To get the cycles in sync, you will follow a medical protocol provided by your reproductive endocrinologist. At the same time, the donor will be taking hormones. Your cycles will be synched and monitored. We will keep you informed of the progress, so you will always know what is happening.
  • Fertilized Embryos If fertilization is successful, one or more of the resulting embryos may be transferred approximately 3-5 days after retrieval based on the recommendation of your physician and the embryology lab. Embryos that are not immediately transferred are handled based on the prior decision of the Intended Parents in conjunction with theirmedical team.
  • Pregnancy Our goal is always a pregnancy as a result of the first embryo transfer!